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About Us

Hello and welcome to Flat Pack Forest School.

We provide Forest School sessions to schools in and around the Black Country. We also run fantastic public sessions during school holidays at our site on Kinver Edge.

Flat Pack Forest School was founded by Henry Gunn, a Level Three qualified Forest School Leader with a passion for enabling children and young people to access the benefits of Forest School. Not everyone learns in the same way and by being allowed a small amount of time each week away from the classroom learners can gain many benefits such as, improved focus and behaviour, increased resilience and compassion for nature.

As a member of the Forest Schools Association Flat Pack Forest School strives to adhere to the six principles of forest school in all our work. We work in partnership with other Forest School providers and local and National organisations such as Opentrail, The Community Environmental Trust and the National Trust all of which believe in enabling children and young people to achieve their potential through experiencing the natural environment.

So, do you love being immersed in the wilderness? Then you will love Forest School. During our sessions you will be invited into our own secluded corner of woodland on Kinver Edge to experience life, the outdoors way. You will have the opportunity to build shelters, used tools both modern and ancient, use traditional methods to create fire (and cook yummy treats), learn a little about our ancient past and how it can guide our future, and most importantly have a load of fun.


Come rain or shine the forest is an important place for us to connect with. Just like we have for thousands of years. Come along and feel the benefits of immersion in the natural world.


Please find information about available sessions below.

Campfire in Forest

Wilderness Forest School Sessions

Come along and join us at our site on Kinver Edge for some woodland adventures during school holidays. Have fun building shelters. Learn how to use traditional tools. Help to prepare and maintain the fire and enjoy some yummy treats. Learn some of the ways that our ancestors thrived in the natural environment. But most importantly, escape the modern world for a few hours and enjoy a connection to the wilderness that surround us.

These sessions are aimed at children of any age but parents will need to stay with any children under 6yo. But all grownups are more than welcome to stay and enjoy the sessions as well. Why should the kids get all the fun?

Sessions are 2 hours (10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm). The sessions will continue in all but the worst weather so make sure your little ones are dressed appropriately and have a drink with them.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Stay Wild!!!

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Book your Forest School session out in the wilds of Kinver Edge.

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